King Ysa is the ancient Fae lord who brought together and ruled over the Seelie Fae and formed what is known today as the Summer Court.

His legacy includes not only bringing civilization to the Summer Fae, but forming the Houses of Ballads, Seasons and Valor, bringing harmony to the Seelie and Unseelie after the Withering War, and creating the city named posthumously after him, The Gardens of Ysa,

History Edit

From the notes of the scholars Aewald, Dulstan, Kallas and Wilfrold, respectively:
In 1230 BE, King Ysa rose to power in Dalentarth. In his early years, Ysa traveled widely throughout Alfaria and Fortenmar, posing as a Hironar. Oh His return to the west, he accumulated a large following as a war leader and loremaster, and he soon embarked on a campaign to conquer and unify the widely scattered local groups of Fae. After successfully conquering Dalentarth, he reorganized these local clans into three Great Houses of the modern Seelie Court, and brought civilization and Fae culture to the western Faelands.
Thereafter, Lord Ysa ruled for many years in peace in Dalentarth until the Fae groups of eastern Klurikon organized under the Great Warlord, Ohn, raided Erathell, and then attacked Dalentarth. Lord Ohn despised the Seelie Fae, and named himself and his followers the 'Unseelie Fae'. All the magical energies of the Fae were directed to this single, desperate undertaking of total war, neglecting the Land and its bounty, and laying waste to fields and forests. For the first time, the entire Fae race faced misery and starvation, and thus this was called the Withering War. The more warlike Fae of the east defeated the weaker, peace-loving, Fae of the west in every encounter until Lord Ysa lured the Fae armies of Lord Ohn into the plains.
In the famous God Storm, or Withering War, Lord Ysa took up the ancient, cursed Talisman of Fate, a powerful but treacherous magical artifact of the Heroic Age Seelie clan champions, and came upon Lord Ohn and his warband in the fogs and quicksands of the shadowy plains. Lord Ysa, Lord Ohn, and their warbands fought for hours in confusion until most of their supporters were dead and both Ysa and Ohn were terribly wounded. At Last, Ysa took a mortal wound, and Ohm, thinking himself the victor, left Ysa alone to die. But the gravely wounded Ysa gave his page the Talisman of Fate, and sent him after Ohn.
Later, the body of Lord Ohn was discovered, dead, naked, stripped of his potent enchanted armor and weapons. Lord Ysa survived the battle, only to die a few days later after declaring victory in the Gardens of the Seelie, which were later named the Garden of Ysa. Before his death, Lord Ysa ordered the plains searched for the page and the Talisman of Fate, but neither were ever found.
From the in-game book "The Gardens of Ysa" by Odwald Bynothas:
The Withering War (God-Storm) was a fierce battle, one fought primarily between two men, two very extraordinary heroes: Ysa, of the Court of Summer, and Ohn, his rival, of the easterly Court of Winter. Enemies for ages, Ysa and Ohn has let their bitterness get the best of them, a very mortal perception that was no doubt a result of recent incursions into the faelands by alfar, Varani, and Almain. Many scholars contend that the rise of the young races in the west corresponds directly to a rise in fae violence, madness, and decay, but such theories cannot be proven due to the elusiveness of the subject.

Whatever their reasons, Ysa and Ohn were committed to their folly, and breaking from the Great Cycle they waged war on each other. This conflict left many fae warriors dead and many others questioning their role in the world, for the concept of the fae Telling purports that all fates are determined and all fae roles - or archetypes - are dictated by the natural order. The Withering War went against every expectation, and the fae are not known for their ability to adapt to change.

Following the battle, the victorious Ysa severed all ties with the Court of Winter, declaring a new kingdom in western Alfaria, a "civilized" empire to be known as the Great Kingdom of Summer. As his first act, the newly crowned High King established the great Houses of Ballads, Seasons, and Valor, institutions meant to create a fae identity that was unique to the Court of Summer and its subjects. Not longer would the Telling be shared between the forces of spring and autumn. The balance had shifted.

Filled with pride, Ysa set about creating a city that his counterparts in the Court of Winter would forever envy. For the site of his grand city he chose his own hollow, which sat atop a potent wellspring of fae energy known as the Font, believed by many scholars to be the source of the Court of Summer's magic. Gifted shapers from across the western daelands arrived to aid their new ruler in his quest. Together they fashioned a city inspired by the grasping towers and vaulted halls of mortal fortresses, and borne from the gardens where Ysa first discovered his role in the Telling.

When Ysa died and the his energy entered the Great Cycle, the sitting High Court named the city after him as a testament to his revolutionary lifetime. From that day forward it was the Gardens of Ysa.

In LoreEdit

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