Khamazandu's Gift
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Quest Giver Khamazandu
Location Cloudcrest Peak
Prerequisite The Mountain Prison
Next Quest None
Reward Twist of Fate: Forsworn
Faction Warsworn
Type Faction Quest

Khamazandu's Gift is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Upon the peak of Cloudcrest Mountain, the Niskaru Lord Khamazandu offered me its gift if I would be its instrument in the world. To prove myself, I must kill Gwyn Anwy, who stands on the pass below me.




  • All Warsworn will turn hostile after the quest, and attack you on sight.
  • Before completing this quest, be sure to finish the Warsworn bounty board quests as you will be unable to complete them afterwards. It is also important to note that several trainers, including detect hidden trainer Ney Csalan, will become hostile if you complete Khamazandu's Gift and attack you on sight.
  • Make sure to have a backup save game prior to the final fight on The Mountain Prison so that you can reverse your choice if you do not like the consequences.  However, it is rather fun to storm Shieldring, Helmgard, and Ironfast Keeps by yourself wiping the entire Warsworn Faction from the face of Amalur.


  • Losing possession (destroying or vendoring) of the Helm of Hideous Visage before completing the quest will break its progression, potentially preventing completion of the quest and acquisition of the Forsworn twist of fate. Providing you did not destroy the Helm of Hideous Visage you can re-buy it and complete the quest if you did not pick up the Heart of Sibun beforehand.


  • Accepting this quest will instantly give you the Warsworn achievement as it bars you from being able to complete any outstanding faction quests.


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