Kester Barclay
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Male
Location Didenhil
Services Quest Giver

Kester Barclay is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I grew up here. Seems like only yesterday I went to fight in the war. When I got back, I was the toast of the town. Thought I was through with all that fighting.


Kester is the leader of the local militia in the town of Didenhil.

He was born and raised in Didenhil, joining the army to fight in the war against the Tuatha. His return after his service was a great joy to the locals, and he became the Warden of Didenhil. He now spends his day patrolling the town and leading the local militia in defending the village from dangers poised by bandits and the local wildlife.

When the Fateless One arrives in Didenhil, Kester is completely caught off guard with the local problems and asks for his assistance.


When approached, he starts the quest The Natural Order.


By Mitharu! What is you... oh, hello. Did Thaddeus send you? Kester Barclay. My apologies - I don't mean to be rude. This crisis has me a bit on edge.
The boy needs to rest. He's got the cough. Won't listen to me or his own brother.
when asked about Thaddeus Holn.
We're simple people here, merchants and tradesmen. We're not equipped to deal with a threat like this.
when asked about Didenhil village.
It won't likely kill you. Leave you weak as a kitten, though. Around here that's as good as dead.
when asked about the Blood Plague.
You're either brave or a fool! But, if you could kill the Jottun, perhaps the boggarts would leave us alone. Alright, travel north to the boggarts' lair in Coilsbain and clear out the cave.
after accepting the quest.
A single boggart we can handle. But ten? Twenty? It's only a matter of time before the whole town is infected. I can't allow them to run around unchecked, putting all the folks here at risk.
when asked about the Boggarts.
Coilsbain is a boggart cave just north of town. Well, it used to be, anyway. A while back, some Jottun started digging in the caves. They drove the boggarts out... and right into our town. Don't know what the Jottun were looking for, or if they've found it. And I don't care. I just want them gone.
when asked about Coilsbain Caverns.
Lumbering brutes, almost twice as tall as a man, and just as wide. Why they came to Glendara is anyone's guess. They just showed up one day. We weren't going to stop them.
when asked about the Jottun.
Our own healer. As you can imagine, she's hardly slept since the outbreak. If you think you can be of any help, you'll most likely find her in her cottage, tending to the sick.
when asked about Astrid Frisk.
Please, hurry.

After you finish 'The Natural Order' quest:

You're back! Glad to see you made it out of there alive. We felt the earth shake, and... when you hadn't returned... But, no matter! Our town is forever in your debt. Please, take this. It's not much, after all you've done, but we'd like you to have it.
upon your return from Coilsbain Caverns.
The boggarts will always trouble Didenhil. As long as we can keep a supply of Plagueshield, we'll survive this malady.
when asked about the Blood Plague.
Disgusting little Fae vermin. We're all glad to be rid of them.
when asked about the Boggarts.
More ruins beneath the caverns, you say? I wonder who was there before the boggarts moved in.
when you asked again of Coilsbain Caverns.
Well, we've weathered this storm. Pray Mitharu we weather the next.
when asked about Didenhil.
I hope that's the last I see of those brutes in Didenhil - or anywhere, for that matter.
when asked about the Jottun.
The town gets healthier by the day, now that those little beasts are back in their den.
when asked about the Plague.
I'm glad that boy took a rest. Could have been the death of him.
when asked about Thaddeus Holn.
Mitharu keep you.



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