Jenniker's Journal
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Author Jenniker
Detail A diary of Jenniker, a wizard who apparently died in Cranalt.

Jenniker's Journal is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



Confound it! This research seems doomed from the beginning. The Cranalt Artifact is most assuredly of Niskaric origin, but it seems the local wildlife has gotten to it before I could. To make things worse, it seems the artifact has begun leaking a combination of various magics into the river and afflicting the nearby farm. From what I understand, the device requires a Gem Lattice, a Belt of Fluidity and a Mana Pendulum before I might be able to alter what configuration of magics it pours into the river -- and hopefully, simply deactivate the artifact entirely. The necessary parts are likely still in Cranalt, since these beast rarely venture out of doors. It is only a matter of tracking them down... Of course, once it is repaired, I must find the right magic configuration to use: Sanguine for optimism, Phlegmatic for reservedness and Melancholic for pessimism... a bias in any these three would have interesting results, assuredly... but potentially disastrous ones as well.


The Waters of Madness


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