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Jedda Kerning
Jedda Kerning
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Female
Location Lorca-Rane

Jedda Kerning is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Tell me, stranger. Have you seen a young man lost in these ruins? Maybe with two lovebirds who can't take their eyes off each other?


Jedda Kerning is worried about her lost friends. The Fateless One can embark on a quest to find out what became of them.


She can be found on a stone bridge west of the Warden's Bridge.



While doing the Warsworn quest The Road Patrol, the Warsworn NPC's you are following will run through the same area as Jedda Kerning. It is possible that she will be on a bridge above you fighting enemies that can easily kill her if you don't intervene and save her.


I will not settle for the fate of common living. There is treasure in these ruins. I will find it and retire to the life of comfort I deserve.

— response when asked about herself

When we lost Turin, Marga and Oreyn wanted to go off on their own. Fine by me; I knew what they were after. They weren't any help anyway.

— response when asked about the "Lovebirds"

We'd find peaceful ruins, flowing with forgotten gold. No, It's just sprites and brambles and blathering Fae.

— response when asked about Lorca-Rane

Did you mean that impossible Fae, droning on about flowers and seasons? I don't think he heard a word I said to him.

— response when asked about Osduin

Please, I can't. I need to think clearly. I have things I need to do in this forest. Afterwards, later, I... I'll sort it all out.

— response when asked about Turin Ayle.


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