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Your character's inventory is where all purchased, found, or stolen items are stored. Items are broken up into six categories: Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Consumables, Items, and Junk.

Item RarityEdit

Items in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning have varying degrees of rarity. Observe the color of an item's name to determine its rarity, which dictates how powerful and valuable it is. Some of the rarest items in the game come in sets, and the more items in a set your character has, the more powerful each item becomes.

White Title - Common

Green Title - Infrequent

Blue Title - Rare

Purple Title - Unique

Gold Title - Set Item


Your character has a maximum number of items he or she can carry at any time. To increase the amount of items your character can carry, you must buy Backpacks, which are sold by merchants in most cities.

Equip RequirementsEdit

Certain pieces of equipment have requirements that must be met before they can be used. These requirements are based on your character's level and/or the number of points you've invested into your character's Abilities.

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