Into the Breach
Tomb of Fyragnos Final Level Map
Final Stage of This Tomb
Quest Giver Eathe Dunbert
Location The Red Marches
Prerequisite Her Righteous Fury and Worth Fighting For
Next Quest None
Type Side Quest

Into the Breach is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The Testament want to raise the Niskaru Lord Fyragnos and they have succeeded. However Fyragnos is weak and can be destroyed by the Fateless One's with the help of three allies. Each ally provides a key or ring that allows entry into each successive chamber of Fyragnos Tomb. One must remain behind to open the door of the last chamber and the two remaining allies assist in the fight against Fyragnos.


  • Talk to Eathe Dunbert from the Her Righteous Fury quest or Hreid Amelthoe from Worth Fighting For. Both quests must be complete before this one will show up. They will tell you that a Niskaru lord is being summoned and it's time to kill him.
  • Travel through the tomb until you reach a door that seems to open and promptly shut again. If you look carefully at the floor beneath the yellow arrow, you'll see a pressure switch. Talk to your companions and choose one to leave behind, who will not survive the quest.
  • Go through the final door to the outside and fight waves of Niskaru and Fyragnos (a Niskaru Tyrant). Once you're done talk to your allies to complete the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based, you can also sell the Ring of Fyragnos).


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Loot from various chests and corpses



  • When at at the pressure pad near the end of the tomb the door sometimes sticks open with no choice on any of the three companions dialogue options to leave  them behind on the pressure pad preventing you from finishing the quest. This seems to be fixable by making sure the quest marker is in the correct place (Not at entrance of tomb)
  • This quest immediately fails when the Worth Fighting For quest is completed last. There is no opportunity to start the quest. It fails supposedly because one of the allies is dead, when none are. This may be due to Hreid Amelthoe not returning to Galette, despite his dialog to the contrary. When Worth Fighting For is completed first, Hreid Amelthoe does leave the Galette cavern but when Her Righteous Fury is last, the same bug occurs. This time Eathe refuses to return to Galette.
    • Solution? It seems the quest order is important: Colm, Hreid and then Eathe and the "Into the Breach" quest automatically starts without failing.
    • It is possible to complete the quest with the order Hreid, Colm then Eathe, while still inside the Tomb of Fryganos continue talking to Eathe after completing Her Righteous Fury and Into the Breach will be initiated. However, the pressure plate glitch will occur and you will have to return to the entrance of the tomb to fix it. It is uncertain if accepting both Hreid and Colm's quests at the same time is required for this to work.
    • Quest order of Hreid, Eathe and Colm also works.
  • If both of your allies die in the battle with Fyragnos, you will be unable to leave the area. The quest completes automatically, however (quest log states that your allies did not survive the battle).
  • If you're overleveled for this area, (not necessary but makes this easier), it's possible to get 'Crime Committed - Murder' while you're killing Fyragnos, by going into Reckoning mode before the last wave, then killing the next wave and finishing them off still in Reckoning. Not sure if it's because of that, but after that you can also continue to the battle area later and find waves of Niskaru spawning.



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