Into the Breach
Tomb of Fyragnos Final Level Map
Final Stage of This Tomb
Quest Giver Colm Alba
Location Galette
Prerequisite Her Righteous Fury
Next Quest None
Type Side Quest

Into the Breach is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The Testament wanted to raise the Niskaru Lord Fyragnos and they have now succeeded. However Fyragnos is weak and can be destroyed by the Fateless One's with the help of three allies.


This is the finale of the four quests in The Red Marches which begin in the town of Galette.


  • Make a save file prior to going further as The Red Marches Quests sometimes fail if the quests are completed in some certain orders.
  • Talk to Colm Alba in Galette. They will tell you that a Niskaru lord is being summoned and it's time to kill him.
  • Travel to the Tomb of Fyragnos.
  • Travel and fight through the Tomb with your companions. Each ally provides a key or ring that allows entry into each successive chamber of Fyragnos Tomb. One must remain behind to open the door of the last chamber and the two remaining allies assist in the fight against Fyragnos. Talk to your companions and choose one to leave behind to allow you and your other allies to enter and fight Fyragnos.
    • Note: whomever is chosen to be left behind will not survive the quest.
  • Go through the final door to the outside where you encounter Fyragnos (a Niskaru Tyrant) rising from another realm.
  • You must fight Fyragnos who will retreat, once they they have sustained enough damage, into the center circle and summon waves of Niskaru. Defeat them to return to killing Fyragnos.
  • Repeat this process twice to finish him off.
    • Note: it is possible to kill Fyragnos at the beginning of the fight with a powerful enough AoE spell, but will still spawn the waves of Niskaru. After defeating the Niskaru, he will not return.
  • After defeating the Niskaru Tyrant you can speak with either of your allies to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with XP and Gold, both level-based.


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Loot from various chests and corpses


  • The Ring of Fyragnos can now be sold without consequence.


  • Before accepting any of the quests in the Red Marches be sure to create a save which you can revert to in the event a bug occurs. Additionally check the notes and bugs sections on their respective pages. The quests Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury and Into the Breach are related and begin in Galette. It is suggested to avoid fast traveling whilst until after the completion of Into the Breach. It is also advised to use the available bedrolls to sleep and allow the quest giver(s) time to return to camp.
    • It is recommended to complete the quests in the order of Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury then Into the Breach to avoid bugs. Do one quest at a time; It is possible to get bugs/crashes if you do them all at once.
  • If both of your allies die in the battle with Fyragnos, you will be unable to leave the area. The quest completes automatically, however (quest log states that your allies did not survive the battle).
  • If you are unable to talk to your companions at the final door you will need to backtrack all the way to the main entrance and return.

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