Inthaels Scyld
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Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Male
Location Moon Camp
Class Rogue
Faction Travelers
  • Stealth Trainer
  • Inthaels Scyld is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    A thief may turn a lock, a brigand steal a key, but a bard can steal your heart, for but a little fee.


    Inthaels Scyld is a basic Stealth Trainer who can be found in the travelers encampment, Moon Camp.


    A greeting, for our meeting.
    Irion is a man who weeps, the sadness than a lifetime reaps. His wife, his love, his other half is gone, and took his laugh.
    when asked about Irion Tal, King of Cups.
    A beauty true, a queen of love and blades. A fighter born, a lady made. But love was not made strong, and she has fled, cause of a wrong.
    when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups.
    This camp is home to bards and singers all, tumblers and jugglers and curtain-calls.
    when asked about Moon Camp.
    The unknown provider, the stalwart seer, the anonymous guider, the brigand's dear. A Diviner of our quarry and assuager of our worries.
    when asked about the Hierophant.
    A sullied order the untouched-caste, but rest assured we shall outlast. Live on your feet, as we are told, while using hand to steal the gold.
    when asked about the travelers.
    Oh such a song of lovers lost and found I have not had such tale! In truth, do beauty, joy and love always prevail!
    Goodbye, fly high.

    After Thick as Thieves:

    Our prophecy from Argine, scorned, could not of doom keep her forewarned; but though we laugh her to her cell, without her are we not chained as well? Grim has come to Moon and taken rein, with a new order to maintain. Of his coup, he does not explain.
    The vile hag of Sun, tormenting us all so, now deserving of our shun, to gallows she shall go. But though we scorn her, her words steered us from danger. Of hatred is that woman so deserving, but should her banishment be so unnerving?
    when asked about the Hierophant, if the Fateless One sided with Grim Onwig.
    Our ruler's fallen, now in chains, and Grim takes the lead. Life in Moon Camp's growing strange, and changed in word and deed. Poor Irion, poor Maire! They go now to some wayward eon, for they were lost without the Hierophant's grievous stare.
    when asked about Moon Camp


    He seems to proclaim himself a bard, and as such, everything he says rhymes.


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