In Memoriam
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Quest Giver Kreger the Devout
Location The Midden
Prerequisite Breaking The Siege
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Faction None
Type Side Quest

In Memoriam is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


An Almain missionary named Kreger the Devout has asked me to recover earrings from the corpses of the Alfar in the Midden. He hopes to send them to the civilians back Erathell. He will pay me for every earring I bring him.


There are 39 corpses strewn all over the part of The Midden to the east of the small Alfar encampment, each of which has an Alfar Earring on it. These need to be collected and brought back to Kreger the Devout.


  • Talk to Kreger the Devout who is located south of the Proving Halls after starting A Time to Reap.  He will ask you to search for earrings on Alfar corpses.
  • The Fateless One should bring back any earrings found in return for gold; the corpses are not marked on the map - Kreger pays 1252 gold per earring irrespective of level, but needs confirmation (1252 at Level 36-38) (Same amount at level 32). Only 652 gold at level 17. 1172 gold per earring at level 30.
    • It would seem that the payout is 40(level) + 12, where level is the level at which you received the quest. Needs further verification.


  • Each of the corpses possess an Alfar Earring.  These can be collected and returned to Kreger the Devout as part of In Memoriam.  There are 39 of these.
  • This task does not seem to end, so it gives no XP.