Imelda's Charm
Imelda's Charm
Quest Giver Enconeg Holn
Location Holnstead
Prerequisite The Fisherman's Bride
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Type Side Quest

Imelda's Charm is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The late Imelda was the wife of Enconeg Holn. Apparently an Ettin stole a charm that was left on her grave and Enconeg asks the Fateless One to retrieve it.


  • Talk to Enconeg Holn; he will ask to recover his wife's charm from an Ettin.
  • Fast travel to Dellach and head south to kill the Ettin. Pick up the charm off the Ettin (the Ettin drops nothing else).
  • Return to Enconeg Holn for your gold.


  • Level-dependant Gold (about 1200), but no XP
  • Enconeg Holn will also allow you to sleep on the bed outside of Holnstead without charge from now on.



  • There is a possible bug where the Ettin in question may appear in a location southwest of Dellach, but is inaccessible from the Local Map. This can possibly render the quest incompletable and it is therefore recommended to save prior to starting the quest and reload if the bug occurs or load a previous save.



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