Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Female
Location Gorhart Inn
Faction House of Ballads
Rank Squire of Ballads

Iluvia is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I serve the House of Ballads as a squire, but I have not been home for almost a full season. They will be expecting me. They are the greatest of us, lords and ladies of the telling, but I was never bound for glory in their ranks. I know that now.


Iluvia is a Fae maiden encountered in Gorhart shortly after she is attacked by an unknown villager. She is a squire of the House of Ballads, and if she is saved she remains in Gorhart at the inn.

Related QuestsEdit


Greetings, stranger. I understand that you are to thank for my longevity. I am in your debt. Our people have too long stood apart. Perhaps together we can change that.
My interest in humans brought me to the boundaries of your village, and that led to my unfortunate injuries. I plan to stay here, to learn. Gorhart is not simply a village. It is a seed. Within its hardened shell exists all of what makes humanity wonderful, and all that makes it terrible.
when asked about Gorhart Village.
Like all Fae, I will take what I've learned from their experience and light the darkest wood. My story is their story. For the telling belongs to all of us.


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