Idwold Freward
Basic Info
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Faction Warsworn
Rank Curate
Services Contract Board

Idwold Freward is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Idwold Freward is the Curate of Shieldring Keep. As a Curate he assists his Castellan, Tine Delfric, with running the keep as well as put in charge of the Contract Board of Shieldring Keep.


Main hall of Shieldring Keep.



Stop gawking. There are grander things than Shieldring Keep, but we're proud to call it home.

Mind you, it's more than vaulted ceilings, it's about history and work; about Tine Delfric, Ancient of War and Castellan of this place.

when first entering conversation with Idwold Freward
You enter by the great hall, where Tine Delfric holds talk with visitors. Forge and Commissary are to the right as you enter the Keep.

Common quarters are straight ahead, with beds for Pledgeshield and above. Castellan's quarters are left; don't go in there.

when asked about Shieldring Keep
Castellan of this Keep and Ancient of War. That means he stands above the other Castellans and leads them, more or less.

Delfric's a wise man. Prefers one well-timed sword-thrust to twenty wild swings.

when asked about Tine Delfric
Why fighters, that's what we are. Fighters for hire. Best you'll find. Were you thinking to join?

Tine Delfric's the Castellan. Speak to him.

when asked about Warsworn



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