House of Ballads
Founded By
  • King Wencen
  • Current Leader
  • King Wencen
  • The Fateless One(Optional)
  • Notable Members
  • Queen Belmaid
  • Lady Oleyn
  • Sir Creth
  • Sir Airmer
  • Sir Farrara
  • Sir Sagrell
  • Locations
  • Court of Enchantments
  • House of Ballads is a faction in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    The House of Ballads is the home to the greatest Summer Fae heroes, embodying all the morals and ethics that the Summer Fae and the Summer Court of High King Titarion uphold. As magical beings who embody nature in the physical world, the Fae lack "mortality", when they "die" they are reborn later on. As such, their lives tend to be circular, repeating over and over in cycles. Each Fae has his or her own calling for the cycle, and those who have done something heroic or very important to Fae society has their lives immortalized in a ballad.

    These ballads repeat themselves through the seasons, reenacted down to the very smallest detail. Although they do repeat, the original heroes are no longer with the Ballads. They have all left, either due to retirement due to having a greater call in their cycle or through death. All current members are Summer Fae who have taken up the mantle of a hero that they had successfully completed the telling.

    Due to the Fae's lack of mortality, or rather ability to be reborn, they live their lives repeating the actions of their past through what is known as "Ballads". These Ballads are cherished by the Fae and the stories they contain, reenacted to the very last detail. However, it would appear that as the hero's ability to unravel the thread of fate itself has put the Fae's way of life out of balance and, thus, changed the way their very ballads are sung.

    With the powers of the Summer Fae slowly fading, a dark twist is beginning to take shape within their ballads. The heroes and the other members are bewildered, trying to figure out exactly what is going on and who is behind this.


    The Fateless One comes to the House of Ballads to inform them of an attack on Iluvia, a squire in the Ballads. Upon arrival, he/she learns of the passing of the previous Sir Sagrell while he was performing his ballad, being defeated by the Grave Thresh, something never heard of.

    Although rebuffed at first, the Fateless One is allowed to join the other pledges for Sir Sagrell's spot by Hallam the White, much to the dismay of all the other pledges. After heading to Gorguath to complete the ballad, Pledge Ficon approaches, angered that a dustling is taking part, but at the same time acknowledging the need for assistance.

    After traversing Gorguath to unlock the inner area with Pledge Ficon, the Fateless One and Ficon come across the Grave Thresh, quickly defeating and moving deeper into the hollow. Eventually discovering the previous Sir Sagrell's body. After taking his ring, two more threshers appear and attack the Fateless One and Pledge Ficon.

    Once the Fateless One returns, Hallam congratulates him/her on gaining the seat of Sir Sagrell. He quickly sends him/her to Ettinmere to go speak with King Wencen at the Ballads Oratory in order to revive Sir Farrara in his ballad. Wencen informs him/her of their part in Farrara's ballad, as well as commenting on the strange passing of the previous Sagrell.

    After arriving at Uduath and rendezvousing with Sir Farrara, the Fateless One discovers that this time Bloody Bones kidnapped an entire group of settlers. Farrara is disturbed and fearful by the sudden change in the ballad and was anxious for Sir Sagrell's arrival to begin the ballad.


    The House of Ballads is located in the northwest most part of Glendara, which is the second northwest most region in Dalentarth.






    The Flame of Rhyderk

    Treasures of Meropis

    Two Knights and a Troll, Part 1-5



    Bonus for completing faction quests:

    +10% Damage with Faeblades, 6% Mana, 3% Chance to Steal 5 Health

    If The Fateless One chooses to defeat the Maid of Windemere instead of siding with her then the player can become the new king of the House of Ballads.


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