Hoarders in the Sewer
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Quest Giver Contract board
Location Idylla Sewers
Prerequisite Rites of Passage
Next Quest Going Primal
Reward Gold
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Hoarders in the Sewer is a quest available in Teeth of Naros DLC.


According to a job posting in Idylla, several heirlooms have been lost in the sewers below the city: an idol, a mason's hammer, and a brooch. In all cases, the owners claim seeing sprites carry them off.


  • Take the entry labeled "Hoarders in the Sewer" from the Idylla Sewers contract board.
  • Find the three items:
    1. Brooch Heirloom: From the Western Henge (teleportation point while in the sewers), head west then north to find the brooch in a pile in the corner of the next room. Kill the sprites that attack when you pick it up.
    2. Mason's Hammer: From the Primos's Entrance, head west and then around and up a bit to find the hammer in a pile. Kill the sprites that attack when you pick it up.
    3. Idol: NE of the Southern Henge (teleportation destination while in the sewers). Go around the stairs to the left when facing them. After you pick up the idol, several sprites will attack.
  • Head up to the Idylla Concourse, and talk to Pinadike to collect your reward (level-based Gold ~ 4800 gp at level 40).

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