His Brother's Keeper
Tomb of Fyragnos Entrance Map
Entry Level
Quest Giver Colm Alba
Location Galette
Prerequisite None
Next Quest Her Righteous Fury
Reward Key to Tomb of Fyragnos (II)
Type Side Quest

His Brother's Keeper is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



This is the second of the four quests in The Red Marches which begin in the town of Galette.


  • Make a save file prior to going further as The Red Marches Quests sometimes fail if the quests are completed in some certain orders.
  • Talk to Colm Alba on the main road near the center of The Red Marches. He wants you to help him find his brother, Giran Alba, who is believed to have been coerced into a death cult called Belen's Testament.
  • Travel to the Tomb of Fyragnos and follow Colm helping him fight enemies and avoiding or disarming traps along the way.
    • If Colm triggers a bear trap, it can still be salvaged for parts with the appropriate level of Detect Hidden skill.
    • If you manage to run ahead of Colm (such as during a skirmish), he will wait for you to get behind him and follow. In this way, you can proceed ahead and clear most of the map without his interference (such as stumbling into traps).
  • Eventually you will exit the Tomb and reach Giran. Talk to him and after the conversation end you must fight him.
    • A persuasion check is possible in an attempt to convince Giran they are greater than this and can leave the Testament. However this has no effect and the fight ensues.
    • When his health is low, Giran will cause the corpses in the area to rise and fight you. It is possible to avoid this event by killing him outright with a single attack before his health drops below the threshold percentage.
  • Once you win, Colm will reward you (XP & Gold, both level-based, and a tomb key). Return back to Galette to get the next mission, Her Righteous Fury.


  • Gold
  • Key to Tomb of Fyragnos (II)


  • Before accepting any of the quests in the Red Marches be sure to create a save which you can revert to in the event a bug occurs. Additionally check the notes and bugs sections on their respective pages. The quests Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury and Into the Breach are related and begin in Galette. It is suggested to avoid fast traveling whilst until after the completion of Into the Breach. It is also advised to use the available bedrolls to sleep and allow the quest giver(s) time to return to camp.
    • It is recommended to complete the quests in the order of Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury then Into the Breach to avoid bugs. Do one quest at a time; It is possible to get bugs/crashes if you do them all at once.


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