High King Mathon
Basic Info
Race Winter Fae
Gender Male
Faction Winter Court
Rank Former High King

High King Mathon is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


High King Mathon was the former high king of the Winter Court. He lead the Winter Fae and kept the balance of the cycle and worked with the Summer Court to this end.

Little is known about the late high king, other than the fact that he employed Gadflow as the court jester for an unknown amount of time. He and the rest of his court were massacred by Gadflow after he had gained enormous power from his new goddess, Tirnoch.


Formerly in The Court of Winter, in the Winter Fae city of Bhaile.


Seeing as Tirnoch has the ability to interrupt Fae from being born, he has most likely not been reborn.

He has met Agarth, who spent time at the Winter Court.



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