The Hierophant
Hierophant star
Basic Info
Race Unknown
Gender Female
Location Star Camp
Moon Camp
Sun Camp
Faction Travelers
  • Leader of the Travelers
  • Services
  • Quest Giver
  • The Hierophant is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    For true trust, for true compliance, the Hierophant must have no weakness, nor fault, nor lapse. In other words, the Hierophant must be no one.


    The Hierophant is the elusive leader of the Travelers faction. She also plays a major role in the faction quest.

    The only way that the Fateless One can communicate with her is by the Shrines located in the three camps that the Travelers have throughout the faelands.


    She has a golden statue in all three camps: Star in Dalentarth, Moon in The Plains of Erathell, and Sun in Detyre.



    While doing 'The Guided Hands'

    What prays before me? An eddy in the river of fate, a cacophony in the song of Amalur. Your presence is... unnerving. But you have come, and prayed, and honored our creeds. You wish to make yourself a Traveler, then ask me for my portents.
    upon your first meeting.
    The price to admit you is great: it will take three treasures to balance the burden. First, there is a noble, Ealfwig Grillricas, staying in Didenhil. Steal his medallion. Then, in the nearby mission, claim the pall of the dead Saint Eadric's. The last are Draug's Toothpicks. We have contacted their owner, Gunnar Frode, to buy the items. But you will steal them instead.
    when asked about what to do to join the Travelers.
    It is the rather valuable bauble of an old noble family. Rather mundane, but worth much coin to us.
    when asked about the medallion.
    The daggers used by the fabled Jottun Warmaster, Draug. Though they were not his weapons, as the name suggests.
    when asked about Draug's Toothpicks.
    It is the burial shroud of Saint Eadric. There are many collectors of relics who hunger fo these artifacts, and pay dearly for them.
    when asked about St. Eadric's Pall.
    Yes. Some final warnings: Ealfwig Grillricas is a fastidious man. He will not suffer an approach he can see. The Pall of Eadric lies in his tomb, which is under many eyes. Wait until none are near before you claim it. And last, Gunnar Frode is... shifty. He will not have the daggers on him, or near him... be warned.
    upon accepting the task.

    Once completed 'The Guided Hands' and beginning 'The Silent Step':

    So you have come to me again, shade. So competent you were in your last mission, that I've prepared another for you, You will steal Buru's Boots from Ametair, Lord of the Hunt, once member of the Court of Summer.
    They are ancient things, a rare item to be so treasured among the Fae. Though their enchantments work only for the Fae, they are still highly prized.
    when asked about the boots.
    There has not been word of the Lord of the Hunt for some time. When I scry for him, I only see portents of his Herald, Aergase. The road to the boots lies through her. You must seek her out in the Sidhe, and learn where to find Ametair and the boots.
    when asked about Ametair.

    Once completed 'The Silent Step' and beginning 'Something Borrowed':

    Is there a petition before me? Ah... yes. But it is strange... you seem cloaked in shadow, hidden from my gaze.... Ah. It is you, shade. We are far from the woods of Dalentarth. I see you are eager to serve your guide.
    Yes... and come far from Star Camp. Moon Camp is a home to true Travelers, faithful and talented. I have seen the items which you must steal: the Chalice of Forced Vintage, from the Lower City, and the signet ring of Wyvryrn-Gifre, from the Upper City. And lastly, you must steal de Cowl of the Maiden, from the Temple of Lyria. These treasures are my blessing to this camp.
    if chosen the response: I've come to hear your portents.
    The Chalice of Forced Vintage is said to take any liquid poured into it and transform it into fine wine. It is currently in the possession of a peddler named Veinrich, in Rathir's Seafoam Tavern. Relieve it of him.
    when asked: Tell me about the chalice.
    It is the signet ring of the Wyvyrn-Gifres, one of the Great Houses of Rathir. The patriarch, Ebsol, is a social man. You will have to take the ring from him away from prying eyes.
    when asked. Tell me about the ring.
    The Cowl of the Maiden is a ceremonial cowl belonging to the Temple of Lyria. It is only worn on solemn occasions of the lunar eclipse. I fear that you are not its only predator. Maire Ganan seeks the cowl as well.
    when asked: Tell me about the cowl.
    You are not the only thief that is pursuing the Cowl of the Maiden. THere is also Maire Ganan - formerly of Moon Camp. The calamities of Irion's and Maire's relationships are not unknown to me. Resolve them, and you may have an easier time.
    when asked: Anything else I should know?


    • The dialogues added here follow a single line of argument. Of course, there are always two choices to respond to the Hierophant and the player can choose the one response that fits him/her better. We leave here a single one just to give it some argumentative meaning.


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