A Secret Door is an invisible door that cannot be accessed until either a special action is performed (I.E. triggered by a quest event or NPC) or the player obtains a Detect Hidden skill equivalent to 5.


  • There are two in Gorguath; one leads to a flooded chamber with two loot chests and the other leads to a Lorestone.
  • There is one in Cradle of Summer. Located to the south of the area, west of Syl.
  • There is one in Shieldring Keep. Located in the room with the blacksmithing trainer and other merchants.
  • There is one in Didenhil. Located in the Barclay House in the middle of town.
  • There is one in Brigands' Hall Cavern, on the western side of the map.
  • There is one in Odarath, north of Gorhart, behind a Red-Legion campsite.
  • There's one in the Hunter's Pit (take the frontal assault route or backtrack after clearing out the Tuatha if you decided to take the back entrance).
  • There is one in Brunuath to the north of the map.
  • There is one in Ohn's Stand, near Grim Onwig cell.
  • There is one in Fellfire Pit .
  • There is one in Warsworn Vault on the Northern wall leading to a chest and a lootable pile.
  • There's one on the route between The Hollowlands and Menetyre.
  • There is one located in Tywili Coast, The Blackened Hall.
  • There is one in Shardfall in the northwest corner of the map.
  • There is one in the Champion's Manor, the fireplace is secret and holds more journals and loot.
  • There is one in Whitestone in the Mayors house, but be careful because if you aren't, the mayor and guard in the house will attack you.
  • There are two in Eamonn's Fortress, one in the second area, facing east, and the other in the third one, facing north.
  • There are two in Undersea Fasting.
  • There is a Hidden Door located halfway along the path between The Hollowlands and Menetyre.

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