Heroes Shall Not Pass
Quest Giver Master Kiftal
Location Cann-Rane
Prerequisite Master Kiftal
Next Quest None
Reward Nearth's Hammer
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Heroes Shall Not Pass is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Now that I have gathered powerful items from Master Belne, Master Farragne, and Master Kiftal, they have requested that I kill the Witch Knight Anira, so that they may work of their own accord, and not in her service.  I must take Kiftal's Elixir to the magic barrier that guards Anira, and disable it.


Master Kiftal is the final side quest given by the Tuatha Master Makers held prisoner in Cann-Rane by the Witch Knight Anira.

Heroes Shall Not Pass is started as soon as Master Kiftal is finished.


  • When the barrier is disabled (by 'activating' it) several additional Tuatha appear in the chamber to protect Witch Knight Anira.
  • Once they are all dead, the Fateless One should return to Master Kiftal to finish the quest (level-based Gold ~4700 at level 39, and Nearth's Hammer & four(4) random potions, but no XP).


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