Her Righteous Fury
Tomb of Fyragnos Cistern Level Map
Quest Giver Eathe Dunbert
Location Galette
Prerequisite Worth Fighting For or His Brother's Keeper
Next Quest Into the Breach
Reward Key to Tomb of Fyragnos (III)
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Her Righteous Fury is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Eathe Dunbert, a rogue in the Red Marches, wants my help in exacting revenge against Belen's Testament, a death cult that killed her family.  She wants to poison a cistern that the Testament uses to draw water into their compound.  To get to the cistern, we'll have to enter the Tomb of Fyragnos.


This is the third of the four quests in The Red Marches which begin in the town of Galette.


  • NOTE: Eathe Dunbert will not spawn until either His Brother's Keeper or Worth Fighting For has been completed.
  • Make a save file prior to going further as The Red Marches Quests sometimes fail if the quests are completed in some certain orders.
  • Talk to Eathe Dunbert in the town of Galette. She wants help exacting revenge against Belen's Testament to obtain for the murder of her husband by the Testament.
  • Head to the Tomb of Fyragnos following Eathe whilst fighting Kobolds.
  • Once you follow Eathe through the door, many waves of enemies will spawn.
    • Make sure to either let Eathe deliver the finishing blow on the enemies with her poison-coated arrows OR use your own weapons (a longbow is preferable) to poison enemies to kill them. Ensure this occurs near the center of the bridge near the quest arrow marker. Once you've killed/dumped five(5) over into the cistern, talk to Eathe again.
  • Eathe is pleased her quest is over however she reflects on her feelings after killing the Belen's Testament members. After reassuring her she was never going to become one of them she will give you your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based, and another Tomb of Fyragnos Key).
  • NOTE: It is recommended to return to Galette on foot rather than fast travel to avoid potential bugs.



  • Avoid using area of effect spells during the fight. Wait for Eathe to poison the enemies and then deliver killing blows with your weapon.


  • Before accepting any of the quests in the Red Marches be sure to create a save which you can revert to in the event a bug occurs. Additionally check the notes and bugs sections on their respective pages. The quests Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury and Into the Breach are related and begin in Galette. It is suggested to avoid fast traveling whilst until after the completion of Into the Breach. It is also advised to use the available bedrolls to sleep and allow the quest giver(s) time to return to camp.
    • It is recommended to complete the quests in the order of Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury then Into the Breach to avoid bugs. Do one quest at a time; It is possible to get bugs/crashes if you do them all at once.
  • If Eathe's quest is the last of the 3 quests you started in Galette, then once you complete the quest it is possible to start her next quest almost immediately without having to travel back to town. This is strongly not recommended.
    • After poisoning the well and speaking to her, Eathe will run towards the end of the wooden bridge. If spoken to the the next quest 'Into The Breach' can be started. However it is strongly recommended not to do this. Travel back through the Tomb, but do not open the door with the key. Go back to Galette and the Colm, Hreid and Eathe will have gathered together and a conversation will trigger automatically with your approach.
  • If the player exits back into the tunnels before the water has been sufficiently poisoned, the quest may become permanently bugged and not move on to its next phase. Leaving this quest unfinished may also prevent the player from fast-traveling from that point on.
  • If the quest is not completed after a significant number of enemy waves (over 20) the quest may bug out and be rendered incomplete. Fast travel is also disabled for the rest of the game.


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