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Her Righteous Fury
Tomb of Fyragnos Cistern Level Map
Quest Giver Eathe Dunbert
Location The Red Marches
Prerequisite His Brother's Keeper
Next Quest Into the Breach
Reward Gold
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Her Righteous Fury is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Eathe Dunbert, a rogue in the Red Marches, wants my help in exacting revenge against Belen's Testament, a death cult that killed her family.  She wants to poison a cistern that the Testament uses to draw water into their compound.  To get to the cistern, we'll have to enter the Tomb of Fyragnos.


  • Save game before doing anything
  • Talk to Eathe Dunbert in the town of Galette. She wants help exacting revenge against Belen's Testament.
  • Return back to the Tomb of Fyragnos and wander through it.
  • Once you go through the door, many waves of enemies will spawn. Make sure to either let Eathe deliver the finishing blow on the enemies with her poison-coated arrows OR use your own poison to kill them. Once you've killed/dumped five(5) over into the cistern, talk to Eathe again.
  • She will be pleased at the killing and will give you your reward (XP anf Gold, both level-based, and another Tomb Key).

NOTE : Eathe Dunbert will not spawn until either His Brother's Keeper or Worth Fighting For has been completed.



Prismere Growth



  • If Eathe's quest is the last of the 3 you started in Galette, then once you complete the quest, it is possible to start her next quest almost immediately without having to travel back to town. After poisoning the well and speaking to her, Eathe will run towards the end of the wooden bridge. If you run up to her to speak to her again, you can start the next quest 'Into The Breach'.  DO NOT DO THIS.  If you run up to her while still at the cistern, yes, you can activate Into the Breach, however, you will NOT activate the other NPCs traveling to the dungeon.  Best course of action is to speak to her once, receive the key.  Then, do not fast travel to Galette, travel back through the Tomb, but do not open the door with the key.  Go back to the town and the trieo will be gathered and dialogue will auto-trigger with your approach.  This WILL NOT happen if you speak to Eathe twice in the Cistern.
  • Tip: Be sure to have them fall off the bridge near the golden arrow
  • Tip: Just kill them with longbow with a lots of poison feat (or a crafted one)
  • Before accepting any of the quests in the Red Marches be sure to check the notes and bugs sections on their respective pages. Also, as the quests here seem to be related to each other and are apparently set to begin in Galette, it may be wise to use the available bedrolls to sleep and allow the quest giver(s) time to return to camp. It's possible that the bugs occur due to the fact that the quest givers don't immediately return to camp with you upon completion of their quests. In this sense, if you accept/start the following quest with them having not returned to camp, the game may not register their presence and possibly mark them as dead.


  • If the player exits back into the tunnels before the water has been sufficiently poisoned, the quest may become permanently bugged and not move on to its next phase. Leaving this quest unfinished may also prevent the player from fast-traveling from that point on.
  • Avoid using area of effect spells during the fight. Wait for Eathe to poison the enemies and then deliver killing blows with your weapon.
  • Many enemies do spawn, but if all the massive waves are killed, maybe 20 waves of 5 ish, the quest will glitch out. No more enemies spawn, you can leave the area and return to find 3 enemies spawn, and will continue to do so every time you leave and return. You will not be able to finish the quest even with a 6/6 complete as Eathe just screams at you instead of opening a dialogue option. This also eliminates fast travel for the rest of the game, including the DLC campaigns.


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