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Hair of the Dog
Hair of the dog
Quest Giver Syllareta Vauner
Location Canneroc
Prerequisite A Tangled Web
Next Quest None
Reward Minor Venomguard potions
Faction No
Type Side Quest

Hair of the Dog is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Hair of the Dog is a task taken in Canneroc and completed by killing and looting spiders in the Webwood area.


Syllareta Vauner has asked for help in creating some anti-venom for the townsfolk of Canneroc. To do this, she needs 15 poison glands from the giant spiders in the Webwood.


  • Kill and loot spiders. Despite the quest text, Venomspitters can also drop poison glands, not just the Giant Spiders.
  • Return to Syllareta Vauner once you have 15 poison glands.
  • The reward are two Minor Venomguard potions.
  • After completing the task you can periodically ask her for more potions of this kind


  • Venomspitters can also drop poison glands

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