Gwenna Hand
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Female
Location United Merchant's Delegation
  • Merchant
  • Gwenna Hand is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    My twin brother and I were entering the army to fight for the Alfar when I panicked. I couldn't. I'm not a fighter. I came to Ysa instead. I'm not proud of running, but I'm much more useful here, as an unofficial ambassador of sorts. Not everyone's a fighter.


    Gwenna Hand is an Almain woman who can be found in Felltown at the United Merchant's Delegation in the Gardens of Ysa. She is a merchant that can provide armor to the Fateless One.


    As a merchant, Gwenna sells armor, accessories, and the following items:

    Potions (Consumables) Reagents (Consumables)
    Recipes Misc


    If you're looking to buy armor, I'm the only one in Felltown who's authorized to sell it. I'm Gwenna Hand, but my customers call me Gwen. I don't have many weapons to offer o account of the Peace Edict, but there's still a selection to pick through. Have at it.
    The Fae didn't have laws - at least not official ones - until we arrived. Now they insist that those of us who live in Ysa must keep its peace. No weapons. You must be one of the special exemptions. Let me guess, Ambassador? Scholia Arcana? It could be anything.
    when asked about the Peace Edict.
    Being here isn't good for business, that's for sure. I see the same damn twenty faces every day. But it's an honor for Brit and I to be here. Make no mistake about that.
    when asked about the Gardens of Ysa.
    This is where the Fae keep us so we don't blemish their pretty city. Can't say I blame them. We're an unruly and ugly lot, mortals.
    when asked about Felltown.
    He is a dear friend from years ago. He spent time as my apprentice but recently set out on his own. He sells authentic ritual Faeblades outside in the square.
    when asked about Brit Codgan.
    The Tuatha were intensifying their attacks against Mel Senshir, the bastion in the east. Of course, that's just rumors. I pray they're not true.
    when asked about the Crystal War.
    Have a good day.



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