Gwastl Brad
Gwastl Brad
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Male
Location Gwastl & Cergren, Mercantile
  • Quest Giver
  • Merchant
  • Gwastl Brad is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    Just an old merchant enjoying a comfortable life in the countryside, although trade has been rather slow lately.


    Gwastl Brad is a Dokkalfar trader settled in Tirin's Rest. He is a General Merchant and sells weaponry, armor, and the following goods:

    Potions (Consumables) Consumables
    Gems (Misc)


    Gwastl can be found in Gwastl & Cergren, Mercantile, within Tirin's Rest.



    Oh, why hello!
    Welcome to Brad and Cergren, What brings the likes of you to our peaceful little town? If it's trade, Atheof and I are more than happy to have your business.
    upon your first encounter with him.
    My Business partner. Poor fellow! He's lost so much to the coast. Now his own daughter's gone back there. It'd be a risky venture to say it will end well.
    when asked about Atheof Cergren.
    Trade is good - not what you'll find in Rathir, to be sure. But please, have a look for yourself.
    when asked about the Trade.
    The Priestess is quite a boon to our community. I don't know if we'd be so prosperous without her guidance.
    when asked about Priestess Corelon.
    We buried our things during the war. I left something I love, but with all the danger there, I won't go wading back.
    when asked about The War.
    Oh, yes. Lyria's blessing, our Priestess calls it. We have good trade, good health... No violence. No crime. Why, not a soul's been thrown in the - ah, Gwastl, you old fool! You never did know when to keep your mouth shut.
    when asked: It's very peaceful here?
    There's a prisoner - in the jail. A - not a mortal. But Aurela and White Nil said it was right, and it's not as if they see things as we do, anyway. He might be happy there. Only, please, don't breathe a word of this to anyone.
    if chosen the response: Too late to hide it now (succeeding in persuasion attempt).
    I've gone and run on at the mouth again. Tirin's Rest is a lovely place and what's done is done and locked away and forgotten.
    when asked about Tirin's Rest.
    I told you. He's in the jail, in Burren Cove. Go see for yourself if you must. Just don't tell anyone I had anything to do with it.
    when asked: Who is the prisoner?
    Good day, then.



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