Guenfear Wyle
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Female

Guenfear Wyle is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Came here with my brothers, Narit and Harit, after our home got burned down on the Tywili Coast. Gnomes'll protect us from the Tuatha. They've got to.


Guenfear Wyle is a refugee living in Adessa. As a child, she barely made it out of the fires of the War with her two brothers Harit and Narit.

Before relocating to Adessa, she grew up in the Plains of Erathell.


She can be found in and around the Hospitalis Quarters of The Walls of Adessa.



It is as yet unclear if she is indeed the eldest of the Wyle Family, or younger sister to her twin brothers.


Have you visited any of the building in the Isles? They're so beautiful... but they don't allow us into some of them.
Beasts of burden. Don't they have them where you're from?
when asked about Aurochs
It's the home for outsiders in the city -- well, save for Sandstone Villa. I hear it's nice, in there. Not crowded and dirty.
when asked about the Hospitalis Quarters
Such a beautiful land. I'd like to go back, but it seems like we're stuck here for now.
when asked about the Plains of Erathell
They're below, in the belly of the crater. The buildings almost look like they float on the water.
when asked about The Isles
They are quite a pair, those two. I try to look out for them, but sometimes I just feel like their mother.
when asked about the Twins
A place of cinders and ghosts. It's where the Tuatha made landfall on the Plains of Erathell, all those years ago. Nothing left there, now.
when asked about the Tywili Coast
Just me and the twins -- Narit and Harit. Grew up in the Plains of Erathell, in Cuin -- until the war came. We lost our home, our parents, but made it here.
when asked about the Wyle Family


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