Grim Onwig
Grim onwig
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Faction Travelers
Services Quest Giver

Grim Onwig is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


When others feared to even speak to Fae, Grim came and introduced me to the Travelers. Ever since, a more stalwart ally I cannot think of. - Crilgarin


Grim Onwig is a Traveler thief who can be found around the entrance to the Star Camp.

Talk to him and he will offer you the chance to join the Travelers faction and start the Traveler faction plot. He also plays a major role in the Traveler faction questline.


Dalentarth, sits near the entrance of the Star Camp.

After you finish the Travelers faction quest line, he moves to Moon Camp, as camp leader, if you aided him remove the Hierophant.



My, my. Is Star Camp being visited by a goddess? Are they all as beautiful as you? Maybe I should slap on a habit and join the Mission down the road. You're in Star Camp, home of the Travelers, dove. Now, I don't suppose you came here by accident. Ask, dove. Ask to join our number.
when first encountering him, if the Fateless One is female.
Well, I've seen first-sized rubies, living people made of vines, and I've even seen a Jottun cry. But this is a first. Why join? The Travelers are renowned rogues, thieves, and all-around good folk. If you live in shadows, away from the law, we're for you. You want riches? We'll help you take them. You want fame? They'll sing songs of you forever. Want adventure? Look no further.
upon asking why to join the Travelers.
Oh, you're breaking my poor heart, dove, just like Crilgarin. But I trust you'll come to regret your mistake. When such a time has reached you, see me again. I'll be right here. But feel free to explore the camp, if you so like.
if you reject his offer.
And you've come back to old Grimmy. They always do, they always do, so I says. Now, as to what you came for: fancy on joining the Travelers?
if you speak to him again.
I thought by the look of you that you might. I've a good feeling about you. But some feelings count less around here than they should. I'll send you to the camp's leader, Crilgarin. She'll get you on your way.
upon accepting his offer in joining the Travelers.
Crilgarin's the tempting bit of Fae that runs Star Camp. You'll have to go through her if you want work in Dalentarth. But she and I have worked more than a few jobs together. She trusts my judgment, if she needs to.
when asked about Crilgarin, Knave of Coins.
Oh, don't mind me or nothing. Just an interested party, that's all. That's all.
when asked about himself.
Good, clean folk. Well, mostly clean. And mostly good. We live our lives in the wilds, making a living however we can.
when asked about the Travelers.
Never needed a life with a house, with walls and a roof. Here's is where a man can be free.
How're the shadows treating you, dove? Keeping well?

While doing 'Jailbreak' at Ohn's Stand:

It's... dove, it's you! Good on Crilgarin to send you - I was worried the Hierophant might get her way after all.
I was set up. The Hierophant sent me here to steal an old book - the Missives of Sable - from some Jottun. Sounded easy enough. But I was ambushed by a troop of Gnomish Praetorians, searching for the Missives. They want that book, dove - and they'll kill both of us for interfering. Steal the cell key, or pick the lock and get my tools, and I can sneak out. Or, you could beat the gnomes to the Missives - and bargain our way to freedom.
when asked: How'd you get caught?
Managed to get into pretty good spot here. Ain't getting gutted just yet - so'd be obliged to get me out before that comes.
when asked about himself while being prisoner at Ohn's Stand.
Oh, you mean the "beloved" guide of the Travelers? More like the pompous despot what got me locked in here. The Hierophant's will is what got me locked in here. I'd love to tell you more - after you get me out!
when asked about The Hierophant.
Well, it's what everyone came here for, isn't it? Some bloody old tome - but it must be real valuable to cause all this. Thing is, neither the gnomes or I got it. Which means it's deeper in the stronghold - with the Jottun. Find it, and we can buy our way out.
when asked about the Missives of Sable.
Gnomes always seemed friendly enough. But these Praetorians ain't messing around. They'll kill anyone that gets in their way. It must be something to do with this book. It's got to be something important... like getting me out of here.
when asked about the Gnomish Praetorians.
It's an assortment of tools I use when I pull jobs. No good Traveler steals his living without the tools of the trade. Since the gnomes are on such high alert, I'll need them tools to escape from here - if I'm to have a head at the end of this.

Once you completed the objectives to set him free:

I hate giving those damn Praetorians what they want, but it was the only real way, weren't it? It's all the fault of the damned Hierophant... but now that I'm free, we'll see just how much our dear leader will regret leading me to this cell. I'm making myself scarce, dove, and you best do the same. But I'll be seeing you before too long - count on it.


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