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Grim Onwig
Grim onwig
Basic Info
Race Almain
Faction Travelers
Services Quest Giver

Grim Onwig is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


When others feared to even speak to Fae, Grim came and introduced me to the Travelers. Ever since, a more stalwart ally I cannot think of.


Grim Onwig is a Traveler thief who can be found around the entrance to the Star Camp.

Talk to him and he will offer you the chance to join the Travelers faction and start the Traveler faction plot. He also plays a major role in the Traveler faction questline.


Dalentarth, sits near the entrance of the Star Camp.

After you finish the Travelers faction quest line, he moves to Moon Camp, as camp leader, if you aided him remove the hierophant.



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