Grian Shane
Grian Shane
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Faction Warsworn
Rank Castellan
  • Quest Giver / Companion
  • Grian Shane is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    Never heard the ballads they sing of Grian "Brighthelm"? Ah well. Those were my days of youthful... discretion.


    Grian Shane is the Castellan of the Warsworn fortress Helmgard Keep in Tala-Rane. He acts very nice and proper to the Fateless One when he/she first arrives, but Grian is well known for his short temper for those who get on his bad side. He's quick to react to something that angers him and oftentimes jumps before he actually thinks about it.

    He is similar to Oda Celfred, as he prefers fighting over diplomacy. He demands that all of the Warsworn at Helmgard Keep keep their armor and weapons well polished and shiny.


    Grian Shane can be found in the Great Hall at Helmgard Keep, within Lorca-Rane.



    While doing 'Lock and Key':

    Welcome. So what's all this? An artifact, stolen from the Vault? And it turned up in Lorca-Rane? I see. You'll want to start with the Vault itself. I'll dispatch Oathblade Gwyn Anwy to guard it; meet her there when you're ready. The Vault lies south through Tala-Rane, on the way into the Wolds.
    upon your first encounter.
    The odd thing is, not a soul's been inside that place in centuries. Can't imagine how someone could have gotten anything out.
    when asked about the Ancient Vault.
    Her duties as Oathblade include keeping relics secure within the keep as well as the Ancient Vault. She has more a taste than I do for all that.
    when asked about Gwyn Anwy.
    You'll never see a dirty blade or an unpolished shield in Helmgard, no.
    when asked about Helmgard Keep.
    Swords must be sharp, armor shining. You must be Warsworn to all the world, as old Ballegar said.
    when asked about the Warsworn.
    Head south through Tala-Rane, then look for the small pass into the Wolds. Oathblade Gwyn Anwy will be waiting for you there.
    when asked: Where is the Ancient Vault?
    Good luck. You might need it.

    Once you get back from the Vault:

    I'm glad you're here. I've taken the precaution of jailing Gwyn. A bit heavy-handed, I know, but this is a serious matter and only necessary until we've cleared this up. That Vault was hers to watch over; this can't help but put her under suspicion.
    upon your return.
    We have a small jail at the back of the keep. Useful enough, between the Freemen and other sorts you find on the plains.
    when asked: In a cell?
    Well... on the one hand, she was always consumed with all that dusty history, but it just doesn't seem like her. Fact is, if not Gwyn, someone helped those mages get it. But who... and how?
    when asked: You really think she did it?
    The Vault was Gwyn's responsibility; there's no getting around that. Until it's clear precisely what happened, she'll remain where she is.
    when asked about Gwyn Anwy.
    Yes, these mages - the... Fahrlangi, was that it? - they stole the relic, of course. But they must have had help from inside to get in. Your search must continue.
    when asked about the Mages.
    The things in that vault are fine for songs and tales of Eamonn. They make the Warsworn seem more legendary and grand. It's all dusty nonsense to me.
    when asked about the Ancient Vault.
    She never mentioned a key; withholding evidence as well. The girl broods so, I suppose I'm not surprised. I do want to know what became of that key.
    when asked: What about the key Gwyn found?
    What's this, now? The key found among the vault intruders? I see. Well, I can say for certain that it's not the original. That was the first thing I checked after you went off to the vault.
    when you bring him the Vault's key.
    As I told you, the first thing I did was verify the key was safe and sound in its proper place. Which means what you found is an impossible perfect copy.
    when asked about The Key.
    Ah, yes, the gnome... um... Tarion. He'd know something of how this was done. Did Gwyn suggest this? She always did have a head for these things. Although... if she is behind this, the gnome could be a trap. Be wary. Pledgeshield.
    when asked about the Locksmith in Tirin's Rest.

    Upon your return from Tirin's Rest (finishing 'Lock and Key' and beginning 'The House of No Doors'):

    The locksmith named Pledgeshield Fenan, you say? Stole my key - had it copied - handed it to the enemy? We must confront her at once!
    Borri! Hanri! Seize her!
    Grian Shane's shout.
    Pledgeshield Fenan's in the cells, now. Go, see if she'll talk. We've got to get to the bottom of this.
    Ought to have worn the damned thing around my neck. Or stationed guards outside my quarters. Never thought it would come to that.
    when asked about the Vault's Key.
    What concerns me is whether anything else was stolen. It's not as if I've got an inventory of what's down there.
    when asked about the Heart of Sibun.
    Hardly fair to hold her accountable when my own key was stolen. Best to forgive and forget all around, I think.
    when asked about Gwyn Anwy.
    Yes, yes, indeed. The duty's yours.
    when asked: You want me to question Livia?
    I think she will tell us what she knows...

    Once you've spoken with Livia Fenan:

    Given this turn of events, you are to find this Meroch character extract from him what you can. I have other work for Gwyn; meet her in Rathir when you're done.
    Did you see the look on her face when we seized her? Hard to tell if it was more fear or ... relief?
    when asked about Livia Fenan.
    First, I will have her tend to that Vault; high time it was cleaned and cataloged. After that... These mages call themselves Fahrlangi, right? I'd like to see what kind of footprints that name leaves behind.
    when asked about Gwyn Anwy.
    Follow the trail, Warsworn! Someone copied that key and stole who know how many artifacts from our Vault. Go as far as you can to find them, then meet up with Gwyn in Rathir.
    when asked: What should I do now?
    For the Army? Help with the war? My gods.
    about the recent turn of events.


    • Niahm Kent got on Grian's bad side and was given the duty of killing off numerous named and unnamed mob's in the Tala-Rane area.
    • Grian is called "brighthelm", but not because of his shining armour - in fact he's a bit dim-witted. There's a book about him, rather exaggeratingly describing his deeds, named "Tales of Brighthelm"
    • Like Tine Delfric and Sverri Kura, Grian Shane wears armor that is similar to the Reckoner Knight Armor in Mass Effect 3.


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