Greaves of the Martyr
Greaves of the martyr
Durability 46
Armor Rating 40
Rarity Set Piece
Type Greaves
Requirements Might 19
Effects +5% Melee Block Efficacy
+24 Armor
Greaves of the Martyr is an armor piece in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Reann Helgi, a Mitharan Crusader, wore this blessed armor, slaying eleven ettins before she fell defending Ettinmere homesteaders.


  • +5% Melee Block Efficacy
  • +24 Armor

Martyr Armor SetEdit

Martyr Armor Set provides the following Bonuses:

  • 2 Pieces: +15% Chance to Stun
  • 3 Pieces: +25% Stun Duration
  • 4 Pieces: +15% Damage with Longswords and Hammers


On the side quest "Song of Sir Sagrell" in Gorguath, after looting the Sir Sagrell corpse, in the room to your left is item.

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