Greaves of the Legion
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Durability 48
Armor Rating 160
Rarity Set Item
Type Greaves
  • +5% Melee Block Efficacy
  • +10% Fire Damage
  • Greaves of the Legion is an armor piece in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    Keloren's Legion is renowned as the elite shock-troops of the Alfar army. These greaves belonged to the Captain of the Legion who died in battle againts the Tuatha.


    • +5% Melee Efficacy
    • +10% Fire Damage


    • Can be found in random loot; one known location is in the chest at the end of the quest Mirror, Mirror in the Guardian room.

    Legion Armor SetEdit

    Legion Armor Set provides the following Bonuses:

    • 2 Pieces: +10% Melee Block Efficacy
    • 2 Pieces: +10% Ranged Block Efficacy
    • 2 Pieces: +10% Magic Block Efficacy
    • 3 Pieces: +2 to Might Abilities
    • 4 Pieces: +15% Physical Resistance

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