Greater Healing Potion is a potion in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Greater Healing Potion
Basic Info
Rank Journeyman
Effect Restore Moderate Health
Cost 1313
Found Alchemy


Restores a moderate amount of your health.


This is a Journeyman potion that can be bought at vendors, found as loot, or crafted using alchemy.


The follow reagents are needed to make this potion:

This recipe is sold by


The following vendors sell this potion:

​Additional InfoEdit

  • Appears to heal for 125 + 25% of max hit points
  • This potion is required for the quest Building Bridges. It is used as a powerful healing potion, one of which can save the injured Fae named Illuvia.


  • After completing the quest, Recipe for Trouble, Nanne Hanri will reduce the price of a Greater Healing Potion to 985 gold.
  • Can also be stolen from the chest in the basement of Nanne Hanri's shop.


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