Graveside Letter III
Graveside Letter III
Author Brother Mason
Detail This letter appears to have been recently planted on the grave of Avery Egest. It is written in the hand of Mitharu, in which all brothers of the Order of Mitharu are trained.
Location The graveyard in Gorhart
Preceded By Graveside Letter II

Graveside Letter III is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A letter written to the deceased Avery Egest who was the husband of Rikka Egest.


Letter to Avery, Egest


Mitharu has made it known to me. I must leave St. Odwig's mission, and Odarath. You see, I am in love, and that love is forbidden. Not only does my Order frown upon such earthly concerns, but such an act would dishonor you, as well. "Why?" you may ask. I cannot love this woman because it is Rikka. It is your wife.

So I am taking leave of the mission, abandoning my post as Alms Master. Perhaps one day I will return, but not in disgrace. I cannot do that to you, or to Rikka, or to my master, Mitharu.

Farewell, my friend and brother. Rest in good peace. Soft peace. Peace without further pain.

Your brother in arms forever,



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