Graveside Letter
Graveside Letter
In-Game Title Letter to Avery Egest, 1
Author Brother Mason
Detail This letter appears to have been recently planted on the grave of Avery Egest. It is written in the hand of Mitharu, in which all brothers of the Order of Mitharu are trained.
Location The graveyard in Gorhart
Followed By Graveside Letter II

Graveside Letter is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A letter written by Brother Mason to the deceased Avery Egest, who was the husband of Rikka Egest.


Letter to Avery Egest, 1


I came to Gorhart to look after your kin. Rikka is as wonderful as you described. Yet she is a shadow.

She misses you, my friend. As do we all. I will watch over her since you cannot. And I will visit you often. This war be damned.

Who would have guessed I would come to a mission, and trade a prison for a cloister? If only we had both escaped. Alas, the bars were too strong, the Tuatha too cruel.

Your brother in arms,




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