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"Let's clean up and rebuild the Keep!"
‎Padrig Dower reckons that this article could do with some additional content and cleaning up to bring it into its full glory. So, do you think that you could help a gnome out?

Gravehal Keep
Gravehal throne
Quest Giver Padrig Dower
Location Cape Solace (Gallows End)
Prerequisite The Legend of Dead Kel
Next Quest Restoring Gravehal
Reward Gravehal Keep, Twist of Fate - Master of Gravehal
Faction Gravehal
Type Faction Quest

Gravehal Keep is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Padrig Dowel has agreed to guide me to Gravehal Keep, a Dverga ruin that is believed to be haunted. Paddy wishes to help me claim Gravehal Keep as my own. I should speak to him when I'm ready to depart.


  • Talk to Padrig Dower on the northern edge of Cape Solace just before the bridge. He will tell you that he had a dream about Gravehal Keep and that he would like your assistance in clearing it up.
  • When the Fateless One is ready Padrig darts off towards the Keep. It is a short journey north of the village. Outside the gates he makes a few comments and unlocks the gate.
  • Once inside the Courtyard the Fateless One has to clear it of the 3 Scavs running about.
    • There is one chest and several skeletons which can be looted in this area.
  • In the Keep itself there are two Scavs. Once those are dead Padrig offers the Fateless One the honor of claiming the throne.
  • A cinematic shows the Fateless One ascending the throne, only to quickly get off of it as a Niskaru Tyrant Horrinox appears.
    • Horrinox is an ice Tyrant but is weak to lightning attacks.  Is very resistant to fire attacks, and near immune to ice.
  • Once Horrinox is dead the quest ends.

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