Gravehal Gallery
Gravehal gallery
The expanded Keep
Quest Giver Padrig Dower
Location Gravehal Keep
Prerequisite Gravehal Library
Next Quest Gravehal Tower
Reward Gravehal Gallery added
Faction Gravehal
Type Faction Quest

Gravehal Gallery is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Paddy will build a second floor to the Keep, an art Gallery. Before he can, I must search the island for the Materials he needs.


This is the fifth of the Gravehal Keep upgrades. It adds a second floor to the Keep, which houses a Gallery. Benwick Athelm is inside to offer his quest Gravehal Paintings. This also further cleans up the courtyard and adds a Sagecrafting Altar and some reagent patches to the courtyard.


In order to complete this phase of reconstruction Paddy requires the following materials:

If the Fateless One does not possess enough materials several chests will be marked on the map which will contain enough materials to progress with the current phase.

The construction takes 1 in-game Day, and the quest log will update when it is finished.


  • Priestess Jacinda joins the Keep, and offers her Healing services from the main hall.