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Going Primal
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Quest Giver Contract board
Location Idylla Under Sewers
Prerequisite Hoarders in the Sewer
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Going Primal is a quest available in Teeth of Naros DLC.


According to job posting in Idylla, the sprites who have been causing mischief in the city have a nest dep in the sewers and are led by several Primal Sprites. I've agreed to find them.


  • Take the entry labeled "Going Primal" from the Idylla contract board after completing Hoarders in the Sewer.
  • Find and kill the sprites that can be found in undersewers.
  • Return to Pinadike to collect your reward (level-based Gold ~ 4800 gp at level 40).


I'm unclear on exactly the dependencies for this quest. It wasn't present before turning in the three prior quests Hoarders in the Sewer, Stowaway, and Lost in the Sewers. It was present after I turned in all of them.

Update: In going through all of the quests one at a time, the prerequisite for this one is definitely 'Hoarders in the Sewer'.  thehawk5150 (talk) 05:09, February 10, 2013 (UTC)

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