Gizela Wulflac
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Female
Location Gorhart
Services Quest Giver

Gizela Wulflac is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I was a miller's love who became a miller's wife. Now I am the wife of a soldier. My duty is to hold vigil for my beloved and for all our men on the lines.


Gizela Wulflac is married to Camden Wulflac, a soldier from Gorhart away for many years. She can be found wandering in Gorhart or praying in the cemetery. The Fateless One may agree to look for her husband, she will not believe the forged death notice if it is given to her, and will give a reward if Camden returns or if she is told of his survival.

Related QuestsEdit


I pray you find the kind of love that Camden and I have discovered. It is boundless, tested by time and fire.
My experience is limited to Arnick Arduna and Catrin Olwy. They seem the same as any of the rest of us; wiser, perhaps, but decent, hardworking folk.
when asked about the Alfar.
I'm hardly a scholar, but I can tell you what I know. There are two Fae factions, the gentle Court of Summer, and its coarser cousin the Court of Winter. As a child, we were told stories of their ancient rivalry. These are surely myths, but enough to scare a young girl. In the last few years, the Court of Winter has fallen, corrupted by a group of Fae called the Tuatha. It's the Tuatha we fight... and the Tuatha we will defeat.
when asked about the Court of Winter.
Truth be told. I know nothing of why the Tuatha are at war with the Alfar, nor why men fight the way they do. All I know is who picks up the pieces. The Tuatha's madness infected the Winter Court. All Fae existed peacefully for centuries, until the Tuatha got involved. It's sad.
when asked about the Crystal War.
I would think they were a myth if not for the Tuatha. The Fae keep far from us... Perhaps they view us as intruders in their lands. Perhaps they disapprove of our civilized ways. Perhaps they know something we don't. I fear that most of all.
when asked about the Fae.
I was a miller's love who became a miller's wife. Now I am the wife of a soldier. My duty is to hold vigil for my beloved and for all our men on the lines.
when asked about the herself.
I was born and raised right here in the village. Well, not in Gorhart proper, but on a farmstead outside of the village boundaries. It was a good life... before the war, of course.
when asked about the Gorhart Village.
It's strange. These old birds have been perched on that hill for as long as I can remember, staring down over the rest of us in the village like hawks. I know so little about them. I don't even know their names.
when asked about the St. Odwig's Mission.
It's my understanding that they were once members of the Court of Winter, and Fae like any other, but something dark lured them, took them, and twisted them in its grip.
when asked about the Tuatha.


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