Gentleman's Favor
Gentleman's Favor Inventory
Base Damage 207
Durability 50
Rarity Unique
Type Greatsword
Requirements Level 20
Effects +20% Health
+20% Physical Damage
+10% Piercing Damage

Gentleman's Favor is a weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Bears the motto, 'Violence is the last, joyous resort of the improvident planner,' engraved on the blade.

Damage BreakdownEdit



Gentleman's Favor is given to the Fateless One by Jakin Madsen as a reward for completing the House of Valor faction quest Championship Match.


  • The Gentleman's Favor's stats (base damage, effects, & requirements) are scaled according to the Fateless One's experience level upon acquisition.
  • The maximum stats possible are shown.
  • Based on the documents found within the House of Valor, this is most likely the blade owned by Hroth Magnus, the original mortal Grand Champion who wrested the House from its Summer Fae champion, Engard.