Gentleman's Courtesy
Gentleman's Courtesy Inventory
Durability 46-52
Armor Rating 137-368
Rarity Unique
Type Cuirass
Requirements Might 16-44
Effects +10% Melee Block
+15% Damage
+30-95 Health
Gentleman's Courtesy is an armor piece in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


A breastplate once belonging to the former mortal Champion of the House of Valor, Hroth Magnus.


  • 137-368 Armor
  • +10% Melee Block Efficacy
  • +15% Damage
  • +30-95 Health


Given by Jakin Madsen after completing A Viper For All Seasons, a gift from Jokull Fangard (your sponsor).


  • Gentleman's Courtesy scales its stats depending on the level of the player when the House of Valor questline is completed. The stats shown are the maximum stats possible.

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