Gauntlets are a type of armor in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. They use the hand armor slot, similar to the Gloves of rogues or the Handwraps of mages. Designed for use by fighter-style characters, all gauntlets will have a Might requirement to equip them. They always add a bonus to Melee Block Efficacy and can have a multitude of other enchantments. All gauntlets provide the following effect:

  • +5% Melee Block Efficacy

Crafting GauntletsEdit

Main article: Blacksmithing

The Fateless One can craft gauntlets at any Blacksmithing Forge by using a metal mitt and a grip; linings and rivets are optional components. With sufficient skill, mastercrafted gauntlets that offer a bonus percentage to Mana can be created.

The Fateless One can also disassemble existing gauntlets for salvage, recovering some of the above-mentioned components.

List of Common GauntletsEdit

List of Unique GauntletsEdit

List of Armor Set GauntletsEdit

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