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Quest Giver Aluck
Location Ashmoor
Prerequisite Pride Before a Fall
Next Quest None
Reward Experience
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Gask is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Aluck and the other survivors of Ashmoor have asked me to destroy the huge Tuatha camp known as Cadsymyr. It is located above the pass and ruled over by a Tuatha called Gask and his two Witch Knight officers. I must seek out and defeat the Witch Knights first.


The quest is part of a group of quests revolving around the survivors of Ashmoor and Eventide. The others are: Bareth, Esha, and Ordo. Dialogue options relating to the other quests can be found in conversations with each quest NPC, and further dialogue is available after completing the related quests.


  • The two Witch Knight officers are marked on the map.  Both are surrounded by a handful of Tuatha.
  • Once both are dead, the Fateless One should head to the main camp - Cadsymyr - and dispose of Gask.  He is guarded by Tuatha Zealots and can be dangerous on the Hard difficulty.
    • If the Fateless One is proficient in sneaking, or has a Phasewalk potion, Gask can be assassinated, leaving only his guards.
  • After Gask falls, the Fateless One should return to Aluck, who is now waiting outside Cadsymyr, to finish the quest (level-based XP ~4150 at level 39, but no Gold).

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