Gallows End
Basic Info
Locations Castaway Cove, Cape Solace, Scuttle Beach, The Jawbone, Northern Coast, Ring of the Watcher
Caves Flooded Cavern, Tidal Pools, Souldeep Fasting, Cliffbreak Fasting, Mudhold Fasting, Undersea Fasting, Siren's Den, Brigand's Hideaway
Factions Gravehal
Quests The Legend of Dead Kel#Quests

Gallows End is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


It's the hideaway of Dead Kel and his crew. The legends speak of it as a damned isle, a horrible scar on the face of the world. To be quite honest, no one is sure of its true location. For the best, I say. - Commodore Garrick


Gallows end is the island hideout of the legendary pirate king Dead Kel and his Hanged Men. It was from Gallows End that Dead Kel launched his raids and terrorized all who traversed the Frostbreak Sea. It was also where the Alfar Navy of Rathir tracked and launched a surprise attack on Dead Kel as he and his men were heading out for another raid, destroying his ship and killing everyone on board.

But Gallows End's most legendary inhabitant did not stay dead, and he has returned once again. Supposedly revived by the island's god, Akara, Dead Kel has once again returned to wreak havoc on the Frostbreak Sea. Attacking any and all ships, stripping them of their valuables and killing their crew and passangers. The Alfar Merchant Navy has put up a reward and already sent many adventurers to their deaths searching for the fabled island hideout of Dead Kel.

Gallows End has other inhabitants as well, a small village called Cape Solace full of castaways has slowly grown over the years. Most of them worship the island god Akara, who supposedly protects and keeps Dead Kel and his undead sailors from entering the area.

The island was also home for a short while to a clan of Dverga from the Obsidian Isles, who built the mighty Gravehal Keep, a sprawling harbor, and the various tunnels and Fastings that can be found all around the island. The Dverga suddenly abandoned the island centuries ago, their many secrets and treasures still remain, hidden deep underground in their tunnels.



Undersea Fasting

Gravehal Keep

Mudhold Fasting






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