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Galen Gwalchmai
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Male
Services Merchant

Galen Gwalchmai is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

"Friend to any soul with such... distinguished taste in wine. To you, friend!"

Character InfoEdit

Galen Gwalchmai is the owner of Gwalchmai's Goods in Rathir. Galen is especially fond of Maybryn Wine.

Maybryn Wine effectsEdit

After the quest Mixing Business the player is able to bring Galen Maybryn Wine on a regular basis, further progressing Galen's level's of intoxication, which in turn changes the prices of the product he sells.

This is how his prices are affected. The prices shown are for the most expensive weapon Galen sells, the "Archmagus' Charkrams of the Avalanche." Prices are based on a default 0 Mercantile level.

  • 0 Bottles; (100% sale price) - 221,782 gold coins
  • 1 Bottle; (93% sale price) - 206,258 gold coins
  • 2 Bottles; (85% sale price) - 188,515 gold coins
  • 3 Bottles; (114% sale price) - 255,049 gold coins
  • 4 Bottles; (100% sale price) - 221,782 gold coins

1 BottleEdit

  • "You, my friend -- you know just the thing to make and old man happy.... Ah, Maybryn Wine. Queen of all the wines!"
  • "Why so you did. Let's have a taste, shall we? ... hints of a summer day, undertones of rose and nectar. Finishes like moon on the water."

2 BottlesEdit

  • "Another?! I could cry, just to look at it. Best to drink it now... Yes. Best thing for it. The more you drink, the better it goes down!"
  • "Two bottles? Now this is a happy day."

3 BottlesEdit

  • "A third! Ought to save it. But i've had two, why stop now? ... So good. Nothing like it. Legs a bit unsteady. Better lie down just a bit. Yes, lie down."

​Pre​ speech-menu dialogueEdit

  • "Yes, yes, what is it?"
  • "Oh, my poor, aching head..."

4 BottlesEdit

  • "What's that? Wine? Give it to me. It's the only thing for this aching head... ah. Better. A little better... yes."



As a general merchant, Galen sells weaponry, armor, accessories, and the following:

Consumables Gems (Misc)
Potions (Consumables)


Galen can always be found in his shop, Gwalchmai's Goods, in Rathir.


Humble servant to Great House, Sparrow, and soldier alike. Woman and men in want of things make their way to Gwalchmai's Goods.

— About his shop


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