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Base Damage 51
Durability 42
Rarity Unique
Type Longsword
Requirements Level 3
Effects +10 Health

Frostblade is a weapon in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Its owner and origin unknown, this blade was apparently forged by a Ljosalfar smith, but enchanted by Varani mage-priests.

Damage BreakdownEdit

  • 21 Physical Damage
  • 8 Piercing Damage
  • 17 Ice Damage
  • 5 Freezing Damage over 3 Seconds


  • +10 Health


Frostblade can be found randomly in chests or as loot.

  • There's no set location for this sword, it has the chance to spawn anywhere.
  • A few possible locations are Gorguath, a quest given by the House of Ballads, another possible location is Togh Farm on a dead body. Togh Farm is also a major part of the quest Grim Harvest, given to you by Menri in Canneroc, Webwood. Another possible location is inside the Coilsbain Caverns. Another possible location is in Dalentarth, if you go diving.
  • The Frostblade can also be found inside one of the chests at St Eardric's Sarcophagus in St. Eardric's Mission.
  • Can also possibly be found in Castle Yolvan.


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