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After completing the House of Sorrows quest chain, i decided what the heck, i'll put on all the gear i got from it and see what my character looks like. i didn't think any of the gear was better than my other socketed stuff, but it gave me several points to sorcery skills, so maybe that's why when i attack things i end up taking damage? or is it just the side effect of a certain piece? i really can't figure it out, i hope its just a bug that corrects itself though. because i end up spending less mana this way, but if i take damage and don't have as much regen, i'll end up drowning in potions. anyone else experience this situation?

What equipment are you wearing?Turkeysocks 15:50, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

I remember a quests that gives you a talisman that gives you elemental damage when you attack, and it can't be removed until you complete its related quest, don't remember the name tho. Check in your status tab if you have three curses with a certain percentage of elemental dameage. Andrea88GOD

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