Forums: Index > Game Help > When I salvage equipment, do I get the same grade components as the equipment was?

For example, if I salvage a "Crude" Prismere Helm instead of a "Fine" Prismere Helm, do I get a worse headdress (core component) than if I were to salvage the Fine one? And is it the same with weapons?

For the core components it doesn't matter, there's only one of each type - but you're not guaranteed a core component when salvaging. Crude is basic item, Fine iirc has an extra component in it that provides a small bonus. That's the difference.
For the extra components it's random, and worse components are much more likely to be salvaged in general. BUT you definitely won't get a better component than is contained in the item. E.g. if a weapon only has 6 ice damage you won't receive a component that adds 13 ice damage (or whatever the values were). same for armors. therefore, if the item has no special effects or bonuses you most likely won't find any useful components. Gyumaou 23:38, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

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