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Hey all, just wondering if I can 'force' all my unique weapons and armor to upgrade to max level by uninstalling/reinstalling the game. If I back up my save files, will my characters still be there with items in inventory? Anyone know if this would/wouldn't work? I'd love to be able to have fun swapping out armor and weapons.

'Edit: I was told this wouldn't work by someone on the Amalur forums, but haven't yet heard why. If the items would still be the same downgraded version when I launch the re-installed game, then perhaps a hex editor could do the job? Haven't used one of those before, but seems to me it could work--although it would take quite a bit of trial and error unless some brainiac has figured it out already.'

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Khojax (talkcontribs)

None of that would work. Here's why:
  • Most items have hard-coded stats, so they only come in one flavour. The minority of items that have variable stats have their values determined at the moment you open the container/whatever that has the item in it (i.e the first time you "see" the item).
  • The reason a hex editor would not work is tied in to the above: the stats for non-crafted items are hard-coded in core game files and are therefore not kept in the save files. These core files are compressed and encrypted, and AFAIK no one has decrypted them yet (and probably never will due to waning interest and developer bankruptcy), so you can't edit those.
  • As for save files, they are left behind when you uninstal the game, and can be found in My Documents.
-- Gyumaou (Talk) 23:58, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

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