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House of Sorrows Quest Line *Spoiler of Sorts*

I am currently on the part where I need to go and get the key for the sorrows. I have already talked to the two ancient fae, the first time through I picked the male for magic abilities. I went through the cave area fighting the monsters and got to the tears, i stopped the tears which was just puching the 3 tree stumps in front of them to make them cry. The next room opened up and I ran there where the quest marker is and there is a withered stick, I grab the stick but the quest marker does not move and the male ancient fae talks to me about opening the door by being patient with the 3 crying faces. I have done this part 3 times and each time I can not get past picking up the stick. I have done it twice with the male fae (magic) and I have done it once with the female fae (melee). If you open up your inventory and read the descripition of the stick you find on the rock it says it is the key to the sorrows.

Has anyone else had this problem? Fixed this problem? Or have beat this part and did something differently?

I assume that you are referring to the "Crying Eyes". Use the "trigger" that is marked, and see what the things do. Repeat it. 07:42, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

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