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I am at the end game and every time I get Tirnochs health bar empty, the press "F" appears as usual when killing off bosses, but when I hit F nothing happens and Tirnoch gets 1/4 health back and calls more fate splinters. It goes on and this a bug? Nope, no bug, it just took awhile! nevermind!! 19:28, March 8, 2012 (UTC)

I had difficulty with this part too, the problem is you are standing to close to her. Walk away from her towards the center and keep hitting F as you do it, after you get a little bit away from her you will see the F glow green and be able to do the final scene of killing her.

But the camera is clearly bugged (encountered on PC), because if you fail to finish her and she recovers from zero health, you don't get your normal view, it all looks like a video scene. You see your character only from afar, which makes it very hard to aim at the splinters or Tirnoch.

Problem finishing off tirnoch - part 2: Where is that damn spot where the "F " glows green? It's hard to get away from Tirnoch when you can't see your charakter anymore because the camera focusses on Tirnoch and not on the player char.

I don't think that is it. No matter where I go on the little island, the green glow doesn't happen for the "F" key. And since you have a tiny window of opportunity, and sometimes no visibility, it makes that a one-in-a-million shot. I don't see how the main quest is finishable as it is. The camera angle is so bad that I'm clear off-screen part of the time.Wyldefx (talk) 09:51, March 16, 2013 (UTC)

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