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by looking at the sky you can tell if it's night or day, but how do I know what time it is?

If I need to do a quest at night and it's still day, how do I know how many hours I gotta sleep before it's night? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Andrea88GOD (talkcontribs)

By looking at the sky you can roughly tell if its: Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night. AFAIK there's no way of telling the time exactly. Sometimes it's better to sleep in 1-hour steps (if you have a bed nearby) until the quest trigger fires, or to do that until the night starts (dark sky) and then wait. IIRC time passes faster when entering and leaving locations. What quest are you doing? -- Gyumaou (Talk) 14:02, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

I was doing that quest (in rathir maybe?) where someone is stealin the church offers at night and I had to wait in there for like one hour (real life time) until he showed up to steal -_-

so I asked here to know if there was a better way to tell what time it is, I guess the "1-hour sleep steps" will work fine enough, I don't even know if there's other quests that needs to be done at night yet. Andrea88GOD

You can find the time in the Menu. ESC key on PC. It will be below your health/fate/mana bars

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