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I have reached the quest "The Hero and the Maid" and have entered the Maid of Windemere's castle, and found all of the Seelie fey, however, while I was battling Queen Belmaid, she up and disappeared. I never defeated her but now, even though the little yellow circle is still telling me to stay in that spot she and her curser are no where to be found! I have to defeat her in order to progress in the quest, and while I defeated the others she was fighting with, she just disappeared. I have restarted the game several times to see if the glitch would fix itself but so far nothing, has anyone encountered this glitch as well? I've worked really hard on this game and quest and really don't want to have to start over...Please help!

I have run into the same problem in A house devided... yellow circle but no way to move forward....  HELP?

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