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How can I add gems to my chakrams.

I'm having trouble adding gems to chakrams when i forge weapons. my blacksmitihng lvl is at 7 & my sagecrafting is at 8. I've made tons of weapons before, but its only limiting me w/ these. Any ideas please?

Well from what i noticed you either buy a chakram that has open slots to insert gems and go to the sagecraft table and go into the socket section Or you have only one gem and when you create a new charkram then insert that one gem in the construction process. I don't know if it is possible to create a charkram with multiple open slots.

If your problem is that you can't add a gem in the creation process of the chakrams it may be that you only have weapon gems, if i recall correctly only support gems can be added to chakrams when building them. Perhaps it's the other way around. Hopefully my rather unclear answer helps though.

Chakrams need UTILITY gems, nothing else will work. ~wanted

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